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Karnataka Agribusiness Practitioners Consortia (KABPC)


    The "Karnataka Agribusiness Practitioners Consortium (KABPC)”; promoted by Way2Agribsiness India Pvt Ltd; is a collaborative group of practitioners dedicated to the development and advancement of agriculture; horticulture; allied activities; and related services in Karnataka. KABPC; with its multifaceted approach and experienced team; aims to become a driving force in advancing agribusiness in the region; supporting farmers; entrepreneurs; and students; and contributing to the overall growth and development of agricultural landscape in the State. The core objective of KABPC is to planning and implementation of selected activities of the promoter Company Way2Agribsiness India Pvt Ltd and facilitate the transition of traditional farming practices into modern agribusiness models; thereby enhancing the agricultural sector's sustainability and profitability in Karnataka. The salient feature of KABPC are as follows

  • Agribusiness practitioners network
  • Promoted by Way2Agribusiness
  • Support to farmers & entrepreneurs
  • Multifaceted approach for growth
  • Farming to thriving agribusiness

Our Experts

Dr. Prasanna D

Founder & CEO

Dr. DL Maheswar

Chief Advisor

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